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Fuel Polishing/Filtration Systems

Fuel Polishing Systems for Modern Diesel Engines

Advanced Machine Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-end automated systems with extensive experience in automated fuel oil systems. When fuel quality management is critical, AMT answers the call with the best fuel polishing technology on the market today for modern high pressure common rail engines.

New fuel from the pipeline typically does not meet engine fuel specifications. AMT’s proprietary fuel polishing technology is state-of-the-art and produces results comparable with the aircraft industry. Emergency system down time is not an option. Diesel fuel that does not meet the OEM specification is a sure way to incur downtime in the modern high pressure common rail engines. Additionally, this is an expense the owner will not carry. The Engine OEM will often deny warranty.

Don’t get caught wondering why your critical fuel system failed you when you needed it the most. Monitor your fuel with AMT’s online analysis, and state-of-the-art diesel fuel polishing reporting software. AMT systems are backed by Parker’s CleanDiesel™ Technology, one of the largest fuel laboratories in the world.

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Fuel Polisher System Features/ Options Matrix

A904V62H14 A503V62H14 A302V61V65 A102V61V65 A52V61V65
Flow Rate (GPM) 90 GPM 50 GPM 30 GPM 10 GPM 5 GPM
ISO Reduction (ISO 4406) per pass 2 Iso 2 Iso 2 Iso 2 Iso 2 Iso
PUMP Style Gear Gear Gear Gear Gear
Horse Power 10 HP 10 HP 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP
Voltage (typical) 480 VAC 3 Phase 480 VAC 3 Phase 480 VAC 3 Phase 480 VAC 3 Phase 120 VAC 1 Phase
Recommended Filterd volume up to 300k gallons up to 100k gallons up to 60k gallons up to 30k gallons up to 10k gallons
Filtration Stages 2 stage 2 stage 2 stage 2 stage 2 stage
Water Seperation (Coalesing) yes yes yes yes yes
BMS Connectivity Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended
Line Size 3 in 150# flange 2 in 150# flange 1.5 in 150# flange 1 in 150# flange 0.75 in 150# flange
Approximate Footprint 50" W x 80" D x 76"T* 50" W x 80" D x 76"T* 60" W x 20" D x 68" T 60" W x 20" D x 68" T 60" W x 20" D x 68" T

AMT’s Fuel Polishing Systems Features Include:

  • Operational Media Pressure 25 Psi (vs. competitors’ 15 Psi) Media Yields Substantially Longer Times Between Change-outs.
  • Modbus BMS Connectivity Capability
  • Onboard Leak Detection
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Variable Speed Pump for Improved Emergency Recovery
  • Minimum 2-4 ISO 4406 Codes Per Pass
  • Ultra High Efficiency Water Coalescor/Separator system. Meets or Exceeds Engine Manufacturers’ Requirements for Water Removal

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