Automation, Material Handling & Robotics

Our engineers have significant mechanical design as well as operational experience. This wide background allows us to better anticipate required as well as desired design features that should be incorporated into your custom automation system.

Our experience includes design and manufacturing expertise for:

  • Integrated Material Handling
  • Automated Packaging
  • Vacuum Lifting Systems
  • Robotic Palletizers
  • Robotic Handling Systems
  • Bulk Material Handling Systems
  • Automatic Material Singulation
  • Hot Melt Systems

Integrated Material Handling

Custom Automated Packaging

Bulk Material Handling Systems

Custom Automated Solutions

At AMT, our broad range of experience enables us to provide solutions for many different applications in many different industries. We utilize our capabilities in mechanical design, controls design and manufacturing to provide our customers with high quality, user-friendly equipment with operators and maintenance staff in mind. Our systems are rigorously tested before they ever arrive at your facility, so you can be confident that our custom solutions will meet your need, whatever it may be. Our past custom solutions include:

  • Copper Removal System (removed copper from wastewater effluent)
  • Containerized Wastewater Pretreatment System (chemical pretreatment)
  • Isocyanate Tank Cleaning System
  • Booster Pump Station
  • Overhead Crane with pneumatic lifter (for ergonomic handling in manufacturing)
  • Air Table
  • Conveyor Lift Gates (walk through or drive through)
  • Conveyor Doffers (for removal or discharge of product from conveyor)

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